A few more pictures, and some grown-up thinking

Well, I think today I finally had the last day of playing catch-up after going to Oklahoma City on Thursday and Friday.  I had a productive day… I got several spots finished and wrote a lot of scripts.  I’m hoping there won’t be a last-minute flurry of people wanting sweeps promos, but there always is anyway.  At least I’ve got a handle on what’s been sent to me so far.

I was looking through some pictures tonight… we got the photos back from the disposable camera we had in New York.  One of my favorites was from The Back Room, a LES bar that was part of our “Secret Bar Tour.”  We’re all glowing because the flash was so bright in that dark bar, and people probably all knew we were tourists but it doesn’t matter.  We had a great time, and we all look so happy and ready to take on the big, bad city.

Of course, this first picture belies how the evening would end up, after we all walked many, many blocks through the aforementioned big bad city, in the rain, and ended up back at our lonely subway stop very, very late at night.  If you click on the picture you can see how late it was when we got ON the subway, let alone when we went to bed.  I do recall fondly that we all slept very, very well when we made it back to Todd and Rachel’s apartment.

This would be one of my other favorite photos… Saturday afternoon in Central Park, not too terribly long after we awoke from our delightful slumber.  I just love the expressions on Ryan and Todd’s faces… we really did have a great time out on The Lake, and it’s something that I won’t ever forget.

I didn’t intend to write an entry with more New York photos, but hey… some things are worth sharing and remembering over and over again.  And it really makes a nice segue into the news that Todd and Rachel will be moving back to San Antonio next month, bringing our group of friends one step closer to all being in the same general geographical locale once again.  There’s even a rumor wafting on the breeze that we might be reunited for another New Year’s celebration at the ranch this winter!

I’m excited about the prospect of making it into my 30s and moving into parenthood at some point with our family of friends closer to us.  It’s a little astonishing to think that we’ve now known our college friends longer as college graduates than as college students.  In about three weeks, Ryan and I will have been out of college for SIX YEARS.  I kind of can’t believe that, but at the same time… so much has happened since then, part of me can’t believe that it’s only been six years.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.


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