Catching up

A lot’s happened since last week, around this time, when I last wrote.  Well, not to me… but around me.

My brother was released from prison last Tuesday, as I mentioned, and I drove down with Haley and Dad to pick him up.  It was good to see him again, and when we picked him up it still didn’t seem like being outside had really sunk in for him.  We had a party at our house on Saturday to celebrate his release, and – as I told Dad – to show him how much fun you can really have being “boring.”

The party was a lot of fun… it was the most people we’ve had over here since our end-of-February-sweeps party.  It’s amazing how many people NINE is when they’re all in your kitchen.  We put some Christmas lights in the tree and the umbrella in the back yard, which lit things up nicely, and made s’mores and had steak and grilled veggies and a few beers.  And Steven brought Boone’s, and drank it.  That’s all I can say about that.

I realize this entry is really out of order, but I’m just typing it as it comes to me.

Backing up a little, I had to work a full day on Saturday to do scoreboards for a golf tournament.  It was kind of a drag having to work on my day off, but I know it’s going to be good for the ol’ bottom line on Friday.  This weekend I have to work Saturday and Sunday for yet another golf tournament, which means I’ll miss church on Sunday, which is Pentecost and Mother’s Day, and I know this is a terrible run-on and I’m whining.  But it’s my blog, and I’ll do as I please with it.  I will probably take next Monday off or work a half-day or something, because only having one day off this past weekend was rougher than I thought.

Sunday, the one day I did have off, was good.  I taught the last Sunday school class of the spring, and Jake and Haley were there, and we did an interview of sorts with the former pastor of the church for the Generations Dinner that Ryan is organizing.  After the interview, we went to lunch with Janette at Olive Garden, then went home and changed.  We decided to go for a hike at Herman Baker Park.

The trail around the lake at the park is about a mile and a half, and it was actually fairly easy for me.  I remember having a tough time with it a few years ago… this time I didn’t get tired at all until we were on the last stretch going up some hills.  And even then, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage.  I did decline to go around the trail a second time.

After our hike, the three of us sat down on a bench next to the lake and talked about the Montana trip.  We’re all getting really excited about it, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of relatives that I haven’t seen in years… plus a couple I’ve never met.  Two of my cousins have gotten married and had kids, and I’ll get to meet them all!  I’m also excited for the rest of my family to meet Ryan, and I know that he’s excited, too.

I wish I had a picture or something to post, but I don’t… so I’ll just close this up.  Good night, blog!


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  1. That’s awesome! Tell Jake I said Hi!

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