Morning walk

I woke up this morning and decided to take a walk.  It was as simple as that.  Hailey had been barking and woke me up at 7:05, and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I decided to just get up, get dressed, put on my walking shoes, and hit the road.

Walking buddyI had gotten about a block when I realized that I wasn’t alone.  A little dog started following me, and for the first couple of blocks he stayed mostly behind me.  I wasn’t even sure that he was still there for a while, but then I would look over my shoulder, and there he was, trotting along right behind me.

He was a smart little guy… when a car would come along, he would get off the road and walk on the grass next to me.  When the car had passed, he would go back to walking behind me, in front of me, or next to me in the road.  He sniffed the occasional rock, peed on the occasional tree, but for the most part he just scampered along with me.

I had originally planned on doing the Couch to 5K week 2 workout, which was the last running workout I did, but after three intervals (out of six) I was worn out.  I decided to just cut my losses and make it a good walking Honeysuckleworkout, so I switched to a different podcast and kept walking.  Just because I didn’t feel like running didn’t mean I had to completely abandon the workout.

I walked along, noticing things like the honeysuckle growing on the side of the road, and how the light was hitting it as the sun rose higher in the sky.  I noticed how the wind was blowing me along on the first half of the walk, and blowing my loose windpants against my legs on the second half.  I noticed now much warmer it got – or I got – as I kept going.

The dog kept up with me, and I realized that he was in much better shape than I am.  He was running along with me and meandering off the path to check things out, and never got behind.  And his legs were much, much shorter.  We passed by the concrete yard art place on First Street and the dog there started barking.  He went to say hello, and then caught up with me.  We passed by a machine shop, and for a minute I thought he was going to go right in and check out the guys in the shop, but he kept up with me.

Speed limit 30... no problem

I kept walking, past a Speed Limit 30 sign that made me laugh.  I had no trouble minding the sign this morning.  I kept walking, rejoining the neighborhood and noticing where the curbs started up again.  I looked around at the buttercups lining the railroad tracks.  I passed the block where my little walking buddy joined me, and he stayed right next to me.  I walked all the way up the steps to the house, and he stopped on one of the steps.  I went inside; he didn’t follow me in.

It was a nice walk, and after I mapped it, it turns out that it was 1.75 miles.  I’m proud of myself for going, and I kind of wonder where that little dog went.


One response to “Morning walk

  1. nvr2old2dream

    I love to walk. I think next to biking and reading that walking is one of the best ways to bring peace and balance back into my life.

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