Austin bound

After a whirlwind courtship, I have been offered – and have accepted – a job at KVUE in Austin.  I’m excited to get back under the Belo umbrella, and also to work as part of a larger department in a more focused role.  I think that the job opportunity is incredible, and I’m also excited that Ryan and I will get to return to Central Texas and live closer to some of our dear friends.

Of course, I am sad to leave Sherman and my folks, but it’s still closer than Seguin, Joplin, or San Antonio.  I will miss getting together with them at Cellarman’s and seeing them at church.  But I think, after living back here for nearly a year and a half, that I am past the Sherman time in my life.  It was nice to reconnect with my hometown and have Ryan get to know my family better.

Now, we are getting into the time in our lives when we’re thinking about our long-term future.  We’re thinking about starting a family (not immediately, but not too far into the future), and about where we want to be for the foreseeable future.  Austin is a great place for us, geographically, because it’s right in the middle of all of the people we love.  It’s close to TLU, so maybe instead of opening those alumni emails with a little twinge of sadness, we can actually participate in a few of the events that happen on campus.

Living in Austin will also be a totally new experience for me.  I’ve never lived there, and I have only visited (as opposed to driven through) a few times.  I am not impressed with I-35, but I know that there’s more to the city than that.  The people I know who live there or who have lived there really love it, and I know that we will love it there, too.

My first day at work will be May 27th, which is coming up really, really quick.  I basically had just enough time after accepting the job Friday morning to give my current employer two weeks’ notice.  It’s been a fast decision, but even with all of the listmaking and overthinking, it came down to going with our guts and just trusting that this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for both of us.  Keep us both in your prayers as we try to find a place to live and sell our current house, and as Ryan continues to search for a new job!


2 responses to “Austin bound

  1. Don’t worry–once you actually live in Austin, you will hardly need to drive on I-35 ever again. I only use it when I go to Dallas to see my sister.

  2. So I’m not the only one that gets the emails form TLU and wish I was still there. Ah nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Let me know when you get to town so I can buy you a drink.

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