Summertime fun

I’m excited about the weekend… Ryan, Rachael and I are heading to Janette’s for a laid-back couple of days so we can see Sex and the City: The Movie on Saturday night.  It’s been kind of a crazy week; Ryan is on the road right now, nearly to Austin, so that he can interview with the news director at my station tomorrow morning.  (Prayers!!!)  Then tomorrow afternoon, Rachael will meet us in Austin, and the three of us will caravan in two cars up to Dallas to meet Janette so that we can start the fun!

In a week, I’ll be heading up to Dallas again to meet Janette and Ryan, and we’ll be getting on a plane a week from tomorrow to fly to Portland.  In Portland, we’ll meet up with my cousin Sean to road-trip to Montana for the family reunion.  We’ve made a “local beer only” pact for the week that we’re there, which is perfect because there’s a microbrewery in Polson, the town where my grandparents live, and at least a couple more down in Missoula, about an hour away.  There’s already talk about growlers and pony-kegs!  Oh my!

It’s been a hectic few weeks of traveling, but I’m mostly excited about it all because I have been keeping a handle on my health.  I’ve been eating well, and drinking my water like I should.  I’ve made plans to attend a Weight Watchers meeting with my aunt while we’re in Montana, and I’ll be getting in a lot of walking that week, I’m sure.  I’m actually excited to get on the plane next week, because I know that it’s going to be so much easier to buckle that seat belt than it was last time I was on a plane (which was what… I guess when we went to New York back in April).  I even traded in my 10% keychain that broke for a new one at my Weight Watchers meeting this week, no questions asked!

It’s nice to have these things to look forward to when our living situation is in such turmoil.  I’m looking forward to having a whole week to spend with Ryan – and on vacation, no less.  It’ll be a nice break from reality.


One response to “Summertime fun

  1. nvr2old2dream

    Yeah for vacation!!! I’m looking forward to a week of no calls, no work related emails and just some quality time spent with old friends and some new acquaintances. Plus plenty of reading, walking and beer tasting 🙂

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