Another year older

Well, I have a lot to catch up on, but I won’t do it here. I figure this blog is more about capturing the present to review in the future than just rehashing the past.

I’m glad to be here in Austin… I’m enjoying my job, and I feel more at home since Ryan moved down this weekend. We’re still swimming in boxes, and I have yet to cook anything in the apartment, but we’ve explored a little bit of our neighborhood. Sunday we had a lovely, leisurely brunch at Kerbey Lane, and it was just what the doctor ordered. We also got to visit Woody’s Pizza (part of the Little Woodrow’s empire I guess) with our friends after unloading the Uhaul Saturday night.

Today’s my birthday, and Ryan is working his regular (late) shift. I was able to drive downtown and have dinner with him while he was on a break, which was nice. It was really cool strolling down Congress and soaking up the late afternoon heat under the watch of the state capitol. I’ve always been fascinated by its presence and I look forward to visiting again sometime.

I think we’re far from settled, but we’re getting there. I hope things shake out soon!


One response to “Another year older

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! So glad that Ryan is finally in Austin, and you guys are getting to settle down after a crazy couple of months. Isn’t Austin fantastic!?!?! Can’t wait to visit you!

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