It’s all good in our neighborhood

I got home a little while ago from visiting Vino Vino with Sara… her treat for my birthday. I had a really good time, and it was nice to just sit and chat with her. I’ll definitely have to take Ryan to VV sometime soon… if only to read their slick descriptions of the bottles for sale.

I had a pretty stressful week at work, so it’s been nice to keep things pretty low-key. I’ve mostly been watching TV, unpacking some more, and relaxing. Things are feeling more settled at home, which is nice, but they’re not completely settled yet. I’m still trying to figure out where things are in the kitchen and the dogs are still learning the rules and remembering what it’s like to live in an apartment.

Ryan and I have gotten out to explore the neighborhood more, little by little. We’ve also visited the local Flying Saucer, and Ryan’s started tracking his beers in the system so that he may be able to achieve another plate on the wall here. I think we may be able to strategize it better since he’s been through the process once before in San Antonio.

We’re really enjoying trying out the local restaurants, drinking local – or at least regional – beer, and trying to learn about what’s going on. I’m hoping we can get into the cultural scene soon, too… instead of just the food and drink scene. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


2 responses to “It’s all good in our neighborhood

  1. So glad that things are beginning to settle down. Where in Austin are you guys living? How exciting! Austin is a great town to live in. So much to do, so much to see!

  2. I’m going to try and get some friends together for Indieroke (hipster karaoke, though there’s plenty of die-hard karaoke classics too) at the Mohawk this Friday. You should come!

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