Date night

Ryan and I seem to be falling into a nice little pattern of having dinner downtown once a week. We went last Tuesday for my birthday, and went today because we just didn’t have any leftovers to eat. But it’s been really nice… I get to go downtown, which is off of my beaten path, and avoid the usual traffic on 183 (I still hit traffic on Mopac closer to downtown, but at least it’s different traffic!). And we get to spend some time together, trying a new restaurant, and walking around downtown. Tonight we went to Wiki Wiki Teriyaki on Congress, and we were the only ones in the whole place – which was just fine! It was good food, pretty inexpensive, and after we ate we walked down to 6th and back to San Jacinto, then back up to 10th so Ryan could go back to work. It’s warm, of course, but it was a nice walk. I always feel very metropolitan walking downtown in my work clothes with Ryan. 🙂

I got home and watched House (a rerun… but still good) and then tried to hang our towel bar in the bathroom. But our stud finder has found its way out of the toolbox, so I can’t hang it properly and it won’t stay in the wall (not that I left it… I just couldn’t hit wood). I wouldn’t have hung a Kleenex on it! So, I may have to buy another stud finder, but hopefully I can call it home soon… I think I know who has it.

Ryan and I will be meeting up at Flying Saucer when he gets off work for a pint or two… a nice nightcap for this warm day. I can’t wait!


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