A visit from Sherman

Steven came down to Austin to do some work and met up with us a couple of times during his visit.  On Wednesday, we met him at Flying Saucer and introduced him to one of our favorite hangouts.  We sat and talked with him for quite a while, enjoying some tasty brews and shooting the breeze on the patio.

On Thursday, I got off work a little early and Ryan picked me up to meet Steven at Things Celtic, the local Utilikilts outlet.  Steven wanted to check out their selection and get a t-shirt, and Ryan actually tried on a couple of Utilikilts!  He looked pretty good in them, and who knows… maybe one day down the line we can get him one.  Until then, though, he said he’s happy in pants.  🙂

Steven got his t-shirt and we decided to go to Freebirds for dinner.  I haven’t had a Freebirds burrito in a long, long time… I got a veggie burrito with black beans and guacamole, and enjoyed every bite of it.  Well, I couldn’t enjoy it all at Freebirds, but I did enjoy the rest of it at home tonight.  It was a nice treat, and well within my plan for today.

It was nice to see Steven and visit with someone from back home… he’s headed back up to Sherman on Friday, no doubt to tell tales of Ryan’s goatee and how much we like Austin.  🙂


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