Jazz @ The Elephant Room

Ryan and I were chatting last night and decided that we should go out when I came to pick him up downtown.  So before I left, I dressed up a little and put on my black wrap dress – which is fitting better and better! – and a little makeup and headed downtown.

I parked the car and we walked down Congress to the Elephant Room, which is a jazz bar in a basement of sorts.  It’s a nice, dark, cave-like atmosphere… and nobody was smoking.  Ryan scored a table near the stage, where we got to see the Mark Devine Quartet with Kiki Balla.

We ordered a couple of drinks, and I got my favorite cocktail – a Manhattan:

I just think that’s a good-looking drink!  We had a great time listening to the music and stayed until the band finished playing close to 2am, then walked back up Congress to my car.

Ryan had a case of late-night munchies, so we went to Kerbey Lane Cafe on Guadalupe, close to UT.  I felt old with all the loud music and college kids, but it was good people-watching, and the food was tasty.

I’ll post a few more photos over at my tumblr blog!


One response to “Jazz @ The Elephant Room

  1. Sounds like fun! There are so many great things about Austin. I know exactly what you mean about all of the college kids at Kerby Lane. Great people watching for sure! Be sure to hit up the Kerby Lane on Kerby Lane! Man how I miss Kerby Pancakes!

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