Seven years later

I woke up this morning and it wasn’t until I was in the shower that I realized it was September 11th again.

They call it “Patriot Day,” now… at least on the calendars.  On the news, they call it “the seventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks.”  We don’t even have to put the year down.  Everyone remembers what year it was.

I was looking at a couple of my old posts on anniversaries past.  Last year, my dad was still in the hospital after having his ileostomy, and it was just a personally tough year.  Two years ago, I remembered where I was and what I was doing that day.  I don’t have anything past that.

Four years ago, we were on the verge of an election, much as we are now.  I hope that our country has learned enough in the four years since that we won’t make the same mistakes.


2 responses to “Seven years later

  1. I was remembering seven years ago. I was still in Seguin, took my small TV to the IT office, so Becky could watch what was happening.

    It strikes me that this year there was more remembrance then there was last year, not sure why I think that.

  2. Fantastic, really awesome topic. I will write about it too!

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