A drive back in time

I drove down to Haltom City today to attend the baby shower of my best friend from high school. I hadn’t seen her in years and I was a little nervous. Would we click the way we used to? Would I be making awkward conversation, trying to recapture some of our old inside jokes?

Well… the inside jokes came back, but I am pleased to say that it wasn’t awkward at all. I was so thrilled to see her, in all her 8-months-pregnant glory. She has always been matter-of-fact in a very funny way, and I’m glad that hasn’t changed.

After many of the guests left, I got to stay and chat with her and catch up on her life. We fell into old patterns of conversation and laughed about things that would probably offend most people. It was so much fun, I have to admit.

I hope I will see her again sooner, rather than later. It’s so good to reconnect with an old friend and find that the pathways of friendship are still as familiar and wonderful as I had hoped.


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